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“Automakers Push for Showroom Overhauls, and Dealers May Reap Rewards”

Ward’s Dealer Business – Employees who are more vested in the store’s mission and satisfied with their jobs also are likely to stay. And the more experienced the staff, the more productive, which could have a big effect on a dealership’s bottom line… Read More →

“What’s an F&I Pro Worth?”

Automotive News – “Dealers need to keep a balanced compensation plan throughout the dealership to retain talented managers across all departments for long-term profitability,” says Ted Kraybill, president of ESI Trends, formerly known as DeltaTrends, designed and managed the study for NADA… Read More →

“Enrollment Open for Dealership Workforce Study”

Successful Dealer – The study, conducted by NADA and ESI Trends (formerly DeltaTrends), provides dealers with data to make informed recruiting and hiring decisions to meet the challenge of attracting and retaining talented employees… Read More →

“Vicious Circle: Saving Money by Skipping Training is No Bargain”

Automotive News – “The problem in auto retailing is that dealers are reluctant to spend money on training because they know so many of the new recruits will be gone in 90 days,” says Ted Kraybill, principal of the automotive consulting and research firm ESI Trends. “They don’t want to waste the money…” Read More […]

“First Shift: Obama Salutes GM’s Barra”

Automotive News – Establishing work-life balance for women and Gen Y employees can help retention efforts. That’s one key takeaway from the National Automotive Dealers Association’s 2014 Workforce Study… Read More →

“Dealerships Hiring More Women, Younger Workers, NADA Says”

Dealer – Women are over-represented in office and administrative positions, where they make up 92 percent of the workforce. The production position with the most women is finance and insurance (F&I) manager at 19 percent. Women account for 15 percent of service advisors, 9 percent of sales consultants, 7 percent of both parts managers and […]

“NADA 2014 Dealership Workforce Study Opens to Dealers at Convention”

Used Car Manager Weekly/AutoRemarketing – This annual study was launched only two years ago, but participating dealers are already overwhelmingly telling us the reports are helping them to improve their workforce management and productivity… Read More →

“Dealerships Hiring More Women, Younger Workers, NADA Says”

Aftermarket Business World – U.S. automotive dealerships are hiring more younger workers and women, and remain relatively high-paying employers compared to other private sector industries… Read More →

“F&I and the Female Workforce – What an Attraction”

Automotive News - “Of all dealership departments, the F&I office has the highest percentage of women in key positions. About 19 percent of all F&I managers are women,” says Ted Kraybill… Read More →

“NADA Report Offers Insights on Recruiting, Retention of Dealership Workforce”

AutoRemarketing Magazine – Salespeople are hardest to retain, women and Generation Y workers are on the rise and F&I managers tend to have the highest income growth – these are just a few of the results of a new report aimed at helping dealers meet the challenges of recruiting top talent… Read More →