How to Attract, Engage, and Retain Top Performers

By focusing on six factors that drive employee engagement and retention, ESI Trends can help your dealership maximize productivity and gross profit.

  • A strong employment brand, compelling value proposition, with responsive recruiting and hiring processes will attract top performers.
  • A winning onboarding, orientation, training and cultural immersion program will create initial and lasting engagement.
  • Defined career paths and performance development will help to sustain engagement and improve productivity.
  • Our compensation and benefits database will assure you remain competitive in your local labor market.
  • Show employees that you value and appreciate their efforts with non-monetary rewards, recognition and positive feedback.
  • Develop strong leaders and mentors who communicate, encourage, support and develop top performers and future leaders.

Simultaneously, realign your culture to connect goals, roles, processes, values, behaviors, communication and attitudes to improve retention and increase growth.

ESI Trends research shows that Service Advisor retention and customer retention are highly correlated.